The Global Missions Dilemma III

As we’ve been wrestling with the best way to express Global Missions in the 21st Century, it’s been great to see and hear people’s thoughts.

It’s clear that sustainable holistic community development with church planting and discipleship formation is paramount.

In reflecting upon this I thought it’d be helpful to point you to some expressions of us living this for the past 25 or more years as Asian Outreach, myself for the past 17 years in Global Mission.

In sharing these experiences, the desire is once again to prompt your reflections and thoughts. So, by all means let us know what you think. Encouragement is always welcome? And any feedback or input from your experience and research, ministry or study would also be welcome.

To begin with, I would like to reflect upon the work of Asian Outreach Cambodia. They’ve been living this model of sustainable holistic community development with church planting for more than 25 years. As a result they’ve carefully kept records throughout that time and have seen more than 100,000 people come to know Jesus, becoming disciples through communities of hope. And they’ve seen more than 500,000 people assisted from poverty to have healthier opportunities. Each life matters. Each person is important. No one is just a number. So, partnering with people like this supporting their National Director and providing specialist guidance and funds is such a privilege. Thousands of families with tens of thousands of children have been given healthy opportunities.

I remember visiting Cambodia. I’ve been there 4 times for about two weeks at a time.

I’ve seen families given antiretrovirals to combat AIDS & provide a healthy lifestyle, even with HIV.

I’ve seen children delighted to learn about Jesus.

I’ve seen women equipped, healed, delivered and provided for through us and through those we partner with in Cambodia.

I’ve seen children given the opportunity of education where they would have otherwise no chance and perhaps little hope to climb out of poverty.

I’ve seen healthy programs teaching children & youth how to handle efforts by ‘sex-tourists’ to entrap them and for these children & youth how to live healthy lives.

I’ve seen agricultural projects spearheaded and resourced and other micro-enterprises birthed and grown.

I’ve seen fresh water provided through bio-sand filters for thousands of households along with toilets built which have changed the health outcomes for tens of thousands of people.

And I’ve seen village churches where people meet, grow as disciples and love one another and their communities.

I’ve met with Village Development Chiefs and Councils and talked with orphans and their carers & teachers. I hope to be back in Cambodia this October!

This model really works! You can read more through our social media posts and further on our Asian Outreach Australia blogs. If you’d like to, you can even donate to support the magnificent work these people and others throughout Asia are doing. And please be praying for us as we partner with them.

I look forward to sharing other nations where Asian Outreach Australia has had influence in future blogs.




For Asian Outreach Australia


Dr Brian Birkett


An Executive Director & Partner Relationship Manager

Asian Outreach Australia

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