A request from one of our partners…

Come and visit one of China’s mega cities – make a difference and see lives changed.

HONG KONG, A city of over 7 million, one can feel isolated, lost and alone. For many students there is the enormous pressure of performance among their families, peers and education. There is a deep sense of hopelessness and failure if students cannot perform, resulting in an increasing rate of depression and suicide among them. Hong Kong is a competitive society and a vast difference between the rich and low income workers.

Are you available this summer – 30 JULY to 14 AUGUST 2016

Bringing hope and love to a nation!
Lend a helping hand to reach out, touch and heal. Be His hands and feet!
Experience and engage with students in an Asian mega city!
Sow seeds of love through English teaching, sports, art ‘n craft, songs and other interactive games to bring joy, laughter and hope; 
See how YOU can be used to touch and impact lives!

Together we can make a difference and BLESS others!

If you are interested or may know of others that are: please email – adminaonz@clear.net.nz (Asian Outreach New Zealand – www.asianoutreach.org.nz)

Coming Up…..
CHINA :  Village School/High School and Intercession – September/October 2016 – 2 weeks