Visit to see the projects of GraceWorks Myanmar (Mar’16)

We visited the work of GraceWorks Myanmar (GWM) led by an Australian pastor, Peter Simmons, and his local team based in Yangon.  AOA was also keen to investigate whether “The Centre Network’ (TCN) is a model that could be applied in Myanmar….

Seikkyi Island Ministry (see above pictures)

  • Started three years ago (a church has now been planted) by Dim, Khoup & Mong. 
  • A village of about 10,000 very poor people with a thriving children’s work (about 30 kids) and outreach to adults
  • Three pronged emphasis – Education (teaching English); Health via medical teams / visits; and Business training (for employment creation)
  • Immediate funding need is to rectify existing plumbing and water sanitation infrastructure in the village.  Medium term funding need is to “kit out” the existing building as a specialist “women’s clinic” to complement the government clinic that is being built.

CDE Program in Rakhine State (see below pictures)

  • New funding has been approved for this 3-year project. The first round of facilitator training has already been completed
  • A local CEO has been appointed (who is a pastor, theologian, church planter and former Buddhist monk)
  • CDE was chosen as it provided the best strategy to build relationships with the Buddhist villages (with the goal of planting churches in a culturally sensitive way)
  • Some of the past CDE village initiatives included Toilet construction, Dirt road repairs, Water purification and sanitation training, Hand-made soap and shampoo and Concrete path construction