A visit to an Asian Country

1. CPM through story telling

  • Two key pastors spearheading this initiative.
  • 40 church plants have been established so far with the aim of establishing a further 70 church plants in 2016.
  • A very important principle that has been established is that these pastors have to be bi-vocational.


2. Coaching

  • The leaders have seen the value of coaching – helping individuals take ownership of their own decision-making (and accepting the consequences of their choices).
  • They have also seen the value of this skill for pastors in helping their flock. Over the past 4 years, they have trained about 300 to 400 pastors and Christian individuals.
  • The challenge is to see whether those that have been trained are now applying their skills “on the ground”.
  • There is also the opportunity to investigate how the organisation can commercialize their expertise in coaching in order to provide a long term sustainability plan.


3. Home pre-school initiative

  • The aim is to help pre-school children with English and character formation.
  • They are presently using home schooling materials from USA and adapted to the local situation.
  • There has been great interest from the parents on how to be better parents. At present, they have built up a Facebook community group of about 3,000 parents!
  • There is already a waiting list of more parents wanting their children to learn English.  They are reluctant to make any promises until they are able to have more capable teachers to teach both pre-school and English.